December 2011

PatientBase Emerging Markets: Archived Content - 2011


Emerging Markets PatientBase provides a comprehensive projection and ten-year forecast of patient populations in the major emerging pharmaceutical markets for the most commercially significant indications. It currently reports data for many different analyses of the patient populations across 19 indications in four emerging markets (Brazil, China, India, and Russia). Estimates are provided by residential setting and diagnosed and drug-treated status and are also given for major city populations in addition to the total national population.

Emerging Markets PatientBase presents its population data  in an Excel file that is regularly updated with new indications and emerging markets. For each indication and emerging market covered in Emerging Markets PatientBase, Decision Resources' team of epidemiologists provides a report that summarizes the results, details the methodology used to derive estimates for each country and for the ten-year forecast, and supplies a bibliography of all sources used.

All estimates reported in Emerging Markets PatientBase rely on critically appraised epidemiological data in combination with proprietary primary research data. 

Questions Answered in This Report:

  *   How many patients are there now and how many will there be in ten years time in the major emerging markets that would benefit from being treated by my drug?

  *   How many patients are there now and how many will there be in ten years time in the major emerging markets that have been diagnosed? Of those that have been diagnosed, how many are drug-treated?

  *   How many patients who would benefit from being treated by my drug reside in the major cities where my drug would be most easily distributed and where the ability to pay for my drug would be highest?

  *   For cancer patients, how many have access to specialized treatment following diagnosis at first-, second-, or third-line therapy for advanced disease? Of these, how many are actually drug-treated?

  *   For cancer patients, what proportion are diagnosed with early-stage disease and what proportion with advanced-stage disease? Of those that are diagnosed with early-stage disease, how many will progress to advanced disease?


Markets covered: Brazil, China, India, and Russia (some indications may not cover all four markets).

Primary research: Up to 400 surveyed physicians for each indication providing insight into trends in diagnosis and drug treatment.

Epidemiology: Total national patient population; urban and rural patient populations (China and India); diagnosed and drug-treated patient populations; major city patient populations; patient populations by relevant clinical characteristic, including stage at diagnosis, severity, and biomarker status, where applicable.

Market forecast features: Annualized forecast of all patient populations over ten-year period.

Indications covered:

- Alzheimer’s Disease

- Asthma

- Breast Cancer

- Colorectal Cancer

- Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

- Dyslipidemia

- Esophageal Cancer

- Gastric Cancer

- Hepatocellular Carcinoma

- Hepatitis B Virus

- Hepatitis C Virus

- Hypertension

- Major Depression

- Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer

- Prostate Cancer

- Renal Cell Carcinoma

- Rheumatoid Arthritis

- Small-Cell Lung Cancer

- Type 2 Diabetes

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