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Quantifying Lines of Therapy Through Patient-Level Claims Data

Decision Resources provides exceptional insight into physicians’ prescribing trends, from diagnosis through multiple courses of treatment, for a specific disease.

The Treatment Algorithms Insight Series delivers real value by examining physicians’ actual prescribing behavior as they initiate therapy and move through second- and third-line choices. The Treatment Algorithms Insight Series is supported by a deep longitudinal patient-level claims dataset, which includes Medicare supplemental and commercially insured patients.

For each disease examined, Decision Resources’ Treatment Algorithms Insight Series provides the following:

  • Line of therapy analysis among newly diagnosed patients, including product share, progression times, and top combination therapies.
  • Product-oriented patient flow from first-line therapies, among newly diagnosed patients.
  • Quarterly brand share and historical share trending, among drug-treated patients.
  • Pathway to key therapies from previous therapies, including add-versus-switch patterns and days to progression, among drug-treated patients.
  • Product-level source of business analysis (continuing, add/switch, initial therapy).
  • Product-level compliance and persistency analysis.
  • Four quarters of historical data, accessible in an interactive, online dashboard.
  • Deliverables include: PPT report with analysis, Excel data file, and access to an interactive, online Dashboard.


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