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What makes global market access so complex?

Each country’s regulatory environment is unique and constantly evolving.

  • The world’s biggest pharma market, the U.S., is in the throes of healthcare reform.
  • Japan is ramping up its processes for health technology assessment (HTA), and the price premiums awarded to the most innovative drugs continue to evolve.  
  • Emerging markets throughout Asia and Latin America are actively crafting their own biosimilar regulations and reimbursement processes.

So, how does that affect you?


Global Market Access Executives:
Where should you focus in 2015?

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Strategy/Planning Executives:
How can you best calibrate your strategic plans?

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Market Research Executives:
Which data and analysis streams will have the most influence on your company?

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Executives working in New Product

What inputs should feed into launch plans?

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Brand/Marketing Executives:
How should your strategy change in different markets?

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Sales Executives:
Who are the gatekeepers in different areas of the world?

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Senior Executives with multi-year strategic responsibility:
What should be on your radar screen?

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Why is DRG the best source for high-quality insight on Global Market Access?

Decision Resources Group pulls together breadth of expertise in therapeutic areas and market access. It offers deep understanding of global markets and brings that together with national context and regional trends, proprietary and publically available data.

There is no shortage of data and perspectives in the marketplace.

Let our experts pull out the things that matter.

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