Primary Research Methodology

Our primary research with physicians for each disease is informed by secondary sources that detail the country’s healthcare system, pharmaceutical markets and disease-specific treatment guidelines. Sources are accurately translated from native language.

For each indication, we conduct in-depth qualitative interviews with eight local physicians of the appropriate specialties in the key urban areas. Interviews are conducted in native language to provide the truest understanding of the physicians’ perspective.

Topics include:

  • Key unmet needs in diagnosis and treatment
  • Current treatment practices
  • Attitudes towards changing treatment practices
  • Drivers of treatment choice and regional variation of treatment
  • Patient attitudes and willingness to pay for branded medicines

The qualitative interviews inform our survey of 90 additional practicing physicians in urban centers.

Topics include:

  • Patient access to Western medicine
  • Patient access and willingness to buy Western branded pharmaceuticals
  • Patient presentation behavior and attitudes
  • Screening practices
  • Treatment choice and drivers
  • Role of traditional medicine or homeopathic treatment
  • Unmet needs in diagnosis and treatment

Additional Expert Sources

The research supporting our Emerging Markets report series also includes insight from contacts within a number of organizations and agencies, including:

  • Contacts in leading hospitals
  • Local Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
  • Ministries of Health, Regulatory agencies
  • Commercial organizations based in emerging markets, including CROs, financial firms and biopharma

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